Have you ever wonder what to do with all the cardboard boxes once your items have been received and unpacked. I know most of the time we toss them in the recycling bin but if you give a little thought there are endless possibilities you can reuse these boxes. Cardboard material is very versatile and can be easily cut, bend, fold, and paint or wrapped with fabric or paper and up cycle in any configuration, you can ever imagine.

After reading this article cardboard box doesn’t have to remain as an ordinary drab storage box again. Here are some of the creative ways I used the cardboard but as I said earlier there are endless options to lay with cardboard. Just put some fun thoughts and create something yourself out of cardboard.

Making kid crafts out of cardboard toilet paper tubes. There are tons of ideas available all over the Internet on how you can use these cardboard tubes for kid’s craft. Here is what I made a while ago with my son.

Sure enough, blank canvases are expensive and blank walls are boring but a piece of cardboard is free and you can use them as your blank canvas and create a piece of art to put them on blank boring walls. You can use paints or simply wrap them with paper or beautiful pattern fabric and voila you have your own piece of art. I created a newspaper art by cutting the pieces of newspaper and pasting them on lid of shoes boxes. I also pasted a layer of craft paper on top of it just to give a depth of design. It turned out pretty neat. You can also use paints on top of newspaper layer to create a customized painting art canvas.

Cut and paint some stripes out of pizza box and put them in a frame. There going to be no easy way to cover that empty space on the wall than this.

Another way to use cardboard is to make a 3D wall art. For this project I cut the pieces of cardboard in different lengths and width. Painted them with acrylic paints and my pieces were ready to hang up on the wall. First, I lay out the design on the floor before putting them on the wall that way I knew how it’s going to look at the end. Here is how it looked. I was pretty happy with this inexpensive wall décor.

We always use sturdy cardboard boxes for all sort of storage around the house, giving them an extra personal touch of either painting or wrapping them with fabric or contact paper make them stand out.

This simple tutorial provide you an idea how you can upcycle your cardboard box in a stylish way with just a dab of paint. You can choose any size of cardboard box depending on availability and purpose and space in which you going to use that. I use about 7 inch deep box that was perfect for holding toilet paper rolls.

Prepare the Surface

Clean the Surface of cardboard box by removing any left out tape or shipping label stamps etc and wipe clean with dry cloth. Trim the edges to get smooth edges.

Prime and paint

Choose a color of your choice and start painting after you apply a base coat of primer on the surface. Let it dry.

Tucked the toilet paper roll into the box and now you have a stylish toilet paper holder of your own. You can use whatever design you want to put on it and customize it according to theme of your bathroom décor. And this is so inexpensive and easy to make that you can change the color and design frequently to keep your bathroom look fresh and new very often.

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