We all agree children learn best when they’re having fun and being themselves. A way to start learning some basic scientific principle is by performing fun activities and experiments with them. We also know that sometimes it’s quite a challenge to get kids in the bath. This water cannon activity is a fun way to learn about basic scientific principle and make bath time fun. During hot summer days, you can cool off some heat by making this water cannon and shooting the water in your backyard. And in winter when you don’t need to get cool, you can make your own water cannon in the bathtub.

It’s pretty safe and clean activity but as water is involved, it can get messy especially if you are working in the bathroom. So, get some towel ready for unexpected water spills. Make sure an adult supervise a kid while doing this or any such activities for safety reasons.


That said, grab a towel, turn on the tap and get ready for some science fun activity with your kids.


Here’s what you need:


Adult helper

Balloon (14-16 inches would work fine)

Duct tape

A drill

A plastic bottle


Here’s what you do:


  • Make a small hole in the bottom side of the bottle that is approximately one inch from the bottom. An adult should perform this step for safety reason. I used a drill to make a hole but you can also use a hot glue gun without glue stick in it to make a hole. It always works for plastic pop bottles.

  • Cover the bottle mouth by fitting the balloon open end in such a way that balloon is securely attached and bottle opening is fully covered. Gently push the rest of the balloon inside the bottle with your finger.

  • Cover the hole in the side of the bottle with a small piece of duck tape.

  • Ask your kids to blow up the balloon but they won’t be able to blow up the balloon, as there is too much air inside the bottle.
  • Now peel back the tape to uncover the hole and ask your kids to blow the balloon again. This time they would be able to blow the balloon because air will leave the bottle through the hole as they blow up the balloon.

  • Quickly seal the hole with a piece of duct tape. At this point, the balloon should stay inflated because the air inside the balloon kept it inflated and air outside the bottle can’t enter it and prevent from pressing in the balloon. Pretty cool!

  • Fill the balloon with water and your water cannon is ready to shoot.

  • Aim the water cannon at your target that should be towards the bathtub if playing inside the bathroom. Remove the duct tape and here comes the water shoot.

  • Once you help made the water cannon, your kids can refill the balloon and shoot water several times. They can show this fun activity to their friends while cooling off in the backyard this summer.

Here’s what happened?

You can explain to the kid what really had happened. When you remove the duct tape, the water blew out of the bottle very fast. The water inside the balloon stretched it that snapped back, letting the water shoot very fast!

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