I use different kinds of cutting board when I’m cooking dinner but my favorite one is the wooden cutting board as they are made of all natural wood. Another reason, why I love these wooden boards over marble or acrylic board is that they are good for your knives.
And finally, when I use them enough that I can’t get them to clean, I always recycled them to use for art projects. You can do several things by applying your art skill to create something new out of an old cutting board. Such as writing your favorite quote or words on it and then decorate your kitchen shelf simply putting them on. You can also paint them using acrylic paints to match the theme and color of your kitchen décor. If you happen to have a cutting board lying around or about to expire don’t through it.

This DIY tutorial will show you how easily you can transform your worn out cutting board into a piece of art for your kitchen.
This is one of the projects that are so easy to create and take not much time, skills and money yet bring a big impact in your space. This project is so easy and self-explanatory that it’s even hard to write a tutorial for it. As I said earlier, there are many different ways you can customize this project to your own liking and home.
Here’s what you will be using
Old cutting board
Inspiration for design


And now let’s begin
  • Wash the board with soap and water and let it dry completely.

  • Apply a layer of primer or undercoat that will help the paint to better adhere to the surface. This is totally an optional step but it provides a very smooth surface to work on and make the painting of top surfaces easy.

  • By using your inspiration draw a design on the board. I wanted to paint the utensils along with the geometric shapes that always inspire me. And they are easy to draw and paint that is a plus!

  • Now choose a color pallet that you want to use for painting. I use these colors. Again, you can totally customize your art pieces by using different shades of colors that match with your kitchen theme.

  • After you done finalizing your design and color pallet let’s start the fun part i.e. painting. If are using a design that requires to paints several layers as mine, let the first layer completely dries off before painting the top layer this will allow the paint to not mix with one another.

  • Use a right sized brush to paint the small shapes and design. Don’t worry if the edges of your shapes are not so clean that will not affect the look of your overall project.

Now, style a shelf in your kitchen using your own custom made cutting board kitchen art.

Isn’t that an easy enough project to do this weekend?
Let me know if you like this project and if you tried one yourself and how it turned out.

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