With the busy life we are living today, it’s very easy for us to laid back on things that are actually important for living a balanced healthy life. I put a list of 10 things that can be accomplished in a week without spending tons of money and time and still making a huge impact on you and your family.
1.  Visit your local library. With the abundant technology available around us, often it’s easy to neglect the real things. The feeling of reading an actual physical book can’t be achieved through kindle or other electronic reading devices.
2. Try a new recipe. Don’t get stuck with a usual dinner menu. Try a something different. You can either make a new recipe from the food you already have around or incorporate a new ingredient into one of your old recipes.

3. Go for a walk. Take your family or friend along with you to a nearby park and enjoy some fresh air and quality time. There is nothing as refreshing and peaceful as walking in the silence through woods.

4. Sleep an extra hour. I know there is a lot of work that has to be done, but having a good night sleep can really help you feel fresh and more energetic. Choose the day of the week when you have the more work to do and go to bed an hour earlier that night, believe me, you will not regret the idea of sleeping an extra hour next day.

5. Share a meal. Cook some extra food one night and call a friend to join over dinner. Or you can also share the food with your neighbor.

6. Create something new. I know this one sounds little intimidated especially for those who think they are not that crafty. Believe me, to create something you don’t need a lot more skills than what you already have. You can create something in the niche that you already working on. It could be as simple as painting a rock or writing a letter to yourself.

7. Call your mom. No matter how much she is busy your mother always love to hear from you. I bet, all the mother out there would be agree with this. A conversation of few minutes can be refreshing for both of you for the rest of the week. If you have more free time, you can write her a personal letter, trust me she will really enjoy that unexpected treat from you.

8. Complete a jigsaw puzzle. Choose a night when everyone is around, and try to put a jigsaw puzzle together. You can complete this task in one night or few days depending on the puzzle pieces and how many people are working on it.

9. Work on something that you have been putting off. Give yourself 30 minutes to work on something that you want to do for long but due to some reason you have been putting off. This might be as simple as reorganizing your room, cleaning your wardrobe or just meeting with a friend that you haven’t catch up with for long. Or work on a project that you have started a while ago but left unfinished.

10. Take time for yourself. Give yourself a break. Devote a time for some relaxation or treat yourself with something that you enjoy the most. In order to balance the pace and intensity of busy life that we’re living, we need a period of open time where we can rediscover ourselves and get ready for the business once again.


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